MGC: MEVA Guided Climbing

Safety in high-rise construction: The rail-guided MGC climbing system is the ideal solution for wall and slab works at great heights. Assembly on the grounds adds to the safety benefits. All-round worker protection through closed housing, remains anchored to the building throughout the building process.

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits


Modular system for climbing and screens

  • Simple logistics and Disposition

Always anchored to building, also when climbing

  • Maximum safety requirements fulfilled

Completely surrounded by screens

  • Optimum work safety and labour Performance


Secondary platforms can be attached to any guiding profile

  • Easy application

Integrated ladder system for finishing work

  • No additional access system required

Assembly at ground level and in line with the building progress

  • Initial wall height of only 3,25 m

Climbing Process

Free positioning of guiding profiles up to a width of 4,50 m

  • Flexible adaptation to layout and geometry of building

Simple to lift using guiding profiles

  • Reduces crane time

Safe work independent of any wind load

  • Minimised interruptions due to weather
Features & Benefits MEVA Guided Climbing MGC

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