AluFix: Light-Weight, Hand-Set Formwork

Wall and Slab Formwork AluFix

AluFix: Light-Weight Hand-Set Formwork

AluFix is the hand-set formwork per se. It has technical features normally reserved for high-level formwork at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Ideal for residential construction and renovation, in landscaping and light infrastructure works. An ergonomic grip profile makes handling easy, saves labour and increases your flexibility wherever concrete is poured without a crane. Available for purchase. Rent from authorised partners.

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Features & Benefits


Panel heights 300, 264, 150 and 132 cm, panel widths from 75 to 20 cm

  • Reduction of filler areas
  • Fast adaptation to building layout

90° inside and outside corners and steplessly adjustable articulated corners from 80° to 180°

  • All corner configurations formed with standard corner Panels

Panel 150/75 with alkus facing weighs only 24,8 kg

  • Easy assembly by hand with just two workers


Maximum concrete load capacity is 55 kN/m² 
(German standard DIN 18218, table 3, line 6)

  • Fast, efficient concrete pours

Panel frame

Frames made of closed 2-chamber hollow aluminium profiles

  • Torsion-proof, durable, low weight

High-quality annealed powder coating

  • Less cleaning effort due to reduced concrete adhesion
  • Durable 

Profiles with grip recess for easy lifting by Hand

  • Comfortable handling; safe grip even when formwork is wet

Multi-function profile

MEVA multi-function profile with welded-in Dywidag nuts

  • Easy attachment of accessories such as alignment rails, braces,   walkway brackets etc.

Tie hole with conical aluminium sleeve, welded in from both sides

  • Easy use of DW 15 tie rods
  • Durable

3 tie holes per panel height 3,00 and 2,64 m, 2 per panel height 1,50 and 132 cm

  • Light profiles, yet high load capacity

Tie holes, panel connections

Panel connection with compact MEVA assembly lock: one piece, weighs only 0,8 kg

  • Time saving assembly, joins and aligns panels steplessly with just a few hammer blows, fits anywhere on the frame
  • No losable parts

All-plastic facing alkus

All-plastic facing alkus, no swelling or shrinking

  • No change in dimensions due to moisture; no rotting or fungal decay; durable
  • Built in flush with panel frame; improved and consistently even concrete surfaces from the first pour to the last

Easy repair of scratches or drill holes etc. on site with the same polypropylene material

  • No down times for repairs
  • Permanent availability of panels

Screwable and nailable without chipping off of top layer

  • Easy handling

The alkus facing lasts as long as the Frame  

  • No re-facing necesssary and thus no disruptions of work flow
Technik & Vorteile der AluFix Betonschalung für Wand und Decke


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Formwork Rental

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Technical Data

  • AF panels

    Construction height 10 cm, frame profile width 23 mm. Three tie holes per panel height 264 cm and 300 cm. The frames of the... 

  • AF special panes

    Made to order, delivery time to be agreed. 

  • AF slab formwork

    AluFix slab formwork 

  • AF radius panels

    Steel construction with steel sheeting. Primed and cavity-sealed. Allows the AF formwork to be used as polygonal formwork.  

  • AF tensioning bow

    Takes up the anchor load when forming polygonal constructions with radius panels. 

  • AF inside corner Alu(minium)

    Aluminium. With annealead power coating. For 90° corners, side length 20 cm. 

  • AF outside corner Alu(minium)

    Aluminium. With annealed powder coating. Provides a tight outside corner assembly for 90° angles when used together with AF... 

  • AF hinged inside corner

    Steel construction with steel sheeting. Primed and cavity-sealed. Side length 20 cm. Adjustable angle 80°–180° when used... 

  • AF hinged outside corner

    Steel construction with steel sheeting. Primed and cavity-sealed. Side length 1,5 cm. Adjustable angle 0°–120°. 

  • AF stripping corner

    Aluminium, 3 parts. With annealed powder coating and tie holes. When assembling and stripping the formwork, the AF stripping... 

  • Adhesive tape, red

    Not shown. Reinforced adhesive tape, red, 50 mm wide, 50 running metres. Total thickness: 270 mµ. Natural rubber adhesive... 

  • Assembly lock

    Galvanized. Tightly connects and aligns AluFix and EcoAs panels. Clamping length 4,6 cm. Three assembly locks are required... 

  • Uni-assembly lock

    Galvanized. For stepless compensation. Clamping length 22 cm or 28 cm. 

  • E-assembly lock with coupling

    Galvanized. Is used to attach push-pull props at the AluFix and EcoAs panel joints. Clamping length 4,6 cm. 

  • Flange screw

    Galvanized. DW thread Ø_15 mm. Is used to attach accessories, e.g. alignment rails, brace frames, push-pull props, etc.... 

  • AF compensation profile

    Steel frame profile with angles. Primed and cavity-sealed. Is clamped to the AF panel with two E assembly locks and used for... 

  • AS alignment rail

    Galvanized. Is used to brace panel joints for crane ganging, bridge problem areas, brace compensation areas and build stop... 

  • Corner bracket 40/60

    Galvanized. Side lengths 40 cm and 60 cm. For inside and outside corners and column formwork. 

  • Plug D20, red

    Red. Is used to close unused tie holes (AluFix, EcoAs, AluStar and StarTec). 

  • Articulated flange nut 15/120

    Forged, galvanized. DIN 18218. DW thread Ø 15 mm, plate Ø 120 mm, max. inclination 10°, SW 27. Max. load capacity 90 kN.... 

  • Spanner SW 27

    Inset yellow chromated. Spanner width (SW) 27 mm. Is used to tighten and loosen flange nuts 100, articulated flange nuts... 

  • Drive nut 60

    Galvanized. DW thread Ø 15 mm, plate Ø 60 mm. Adm. load capacity 90 kN (DIN 18216). Is used to tie the formwork to the... 

  • Tie rod DW 15/90

    Uncoated, not weldable. DW thread Ø 15 mm. Adm. load capacity 90_kN (DIN_18216). Is used to tie panels of a double-sided... 

  • Tie claw 23

    Galvanized. Permits tieing (with tie rod DW 15 and flange nut 100) directly above or beside EcoAs and AluFix panels. 

  • Push-pull strut

    Galvanized; is attached above a panel joint; replaces the top tie for panels which are assembled in horizontal position.... 

  • Crane hooks

    Coated. Is used to move and crane-gang AluFix and EcoAs panels. Self-locking. Load capacity 6 kN (600 kg). Always two crane... 

  • Transport angle

    Is used to stack and transport 5 to 12 EcoAs or AluFix panels. Distance between holes 10 cm. We recommend using 2 foldable... 

  • AS/ST safety bolt, black

    Plastic, black. Secures stacked AluFix, Ecos, AluStar and StarTec panels. 

  • Scaffolding bracket

    Galvanized, yellow, pluggable. Is used as working and safety scaffold. Is attached to the multi-function profile and secured... 

  • Side railing

    Galvanized. Is plugged into the scaffolding bracket. 

  • Guard-railing post

    Galvanized. Is plugged into the scaffolding bracket. 

  • Guard-railing post 48/120 UK

    Galvanized. With manifold to be plugged into the scaffolding bracket and with 48 mm Ø tube to attach scaffold couplers.  

  • Support 800 guard-railing post

    Galvanized. For the side protection at all MEVA wall formwork systems. Allows the extension for guard-railing KLK 230 and... 

  • Scaffold tube

    Galvanized. Is used as hand-rail / mid-rail in combination with guard-railing post 48/120 UK. 

  • Swivel-joint coupler 48/48

    Galvanized. Connects 2 scaffold tubes with Ø 48,3 mm at any angle required. 

  • Brace frame 250

    Galvanized. Aligns and braces the formwork. Available with or without formwork-prop connector. Consists of a push-pull prop... 

  • Formwork-prop connector

    Galvanized. Connects braces, brace frames and push-pull props (max. Ø_48 mm) to the multi-function profile with a flange... 

  • Foundation tape

    Galvanized. Hole spacing 50 mm, hole Ø_16 mm, length 50 m. Adm. tractive force 10 kN. To be cut at hole center. Together... 

  • Tensioner EA for foundation tape

    Galvanized. Connects the foundation tape to EcoAs or AluFix-panels and serves as bottom tie when panels are assembled in... 

  • Trolley for foundation tape

    Not shown. Galvanized. Is used to transport and cut foundation tape to length. Suitable for one roll. Pneumatic wheels. 

  • AF prop head

    Painted. Supports AluFix panels for slabs up to 46 cm thick. The prop head is plugged to the prop’s head or foot plate and... 

  • Tripod

    Galvanized auxiliary to stabilize props with Ø 48 to 80 mm. The turnable legs allow the tripod to be used in rooms, along... 

  • Pin

    Galvanized. Is used to attach MD drop heads, MD prop heads of forked prop heads, etc. to the props. Pin 14/90 is used for... 

  • ME prop

    Galvanized. According to European Standard EN 1065, class E. Admissible load capacity 30 kN. Higher load capacities are... 

  • MEP prop with SAS

    Load capacity according to European Standard EN 1065, class E. Combination of steel inner tube and aluminium outer tube with... 

  • MD prop

    Galvanized. According to the European Standard EN 1065, class D. The admissible load capacity is 20 kN at any extension....