Imperial, STB 450 and Triplex in action on 38.5‘ high singlesided walls for the new Beauty and Innovation Center of Procter & Gamble

Project: Beauty and Innovation Center for Procter & Gamble in Mason, Ohio

Contractor: F.A. Wilhelm, Indianapolis, IN

MEVA systems: Imperial wall formwork system, STB 450 support frames with extensions, Triplex heavy-duty braces

MEVA engineering and support: Sales: Jerome Washburn Engineering: Marcus Browne, Rich Crisman



When the going gets tough...

... the tough get going. Imperial, STB 450 and Triplex in action on 38.5‘ high singlesided walls for the new Beauty and Innovation Center of Procter & Gamble

Construction began in spring 2016 on Procter & Gamble’s new Beauty and Innovation Center in Mason, OH. Procter & Gamble is an international company that provides personal care and household products ranging from highend face moisturizers, to fabric softeners, to diapers. Procter & Gamble invested 300 million dollars to expand one of its largest facilities in the USA, the Mason Business Center, by adding 500,000 sq.ft. to the current 1,300,000 sq.ft. When completed, the new building will house 1,150 employees including scientists, researchers, inventors, and consumer experts in the fields of personal care and beauty products.

Perfectly embedded into the surrounding structures To accommodate the landscape and the surrounding structures, the 30’ high walls are built into the side of a sloping hill, calling for high single-sided concrete wall pours. In addition to this, the contractor required that the concrete pours be done in a single lift.

Robust heavy duty systems to master the challenges 

MEVA was able to accommodate the request with a combination of robust heavy-duty systems and innovative custom solutions. The Imperial wall formwork system was chosen because it handles concrete pressures of up to 2,025 psf, allowing the concrete to be poured at any rate up to 13.5’. Thanks to the large panels and high concrete pressure capacity, Imperial is ideally suited for high walls, large wall areas and single-sided applications. The Imperial panels along with STB 450 support frames provide the backbone of this complex project. Five extensions are added to the STB 450 to achieve the required 30’ wall height. Because of the single lift requirement, ties can only be placed at the footing and near the top of the formwork. This is an unusual and significant undertaking, but MEVA is up to the challenge.

First, a thorough case study 

With the systems for the project decided, a case study comprising details such as concrete consistency, pour rate, concrete setting time, load calculations and structural frame analysis was made to develop a formwork setup that would ensure the formwork meets all requirements of the jobsite and that contractor and working conditions are safe.

Then, the final, safe setup with custom solutions 

To meet the needs of the design and prevent deflection, diagonal ties are placed in the footing, as are two layers of heavy-duty Triplex braces at heights of 19’ and 25’. The Triplex braces are quickly put together and can be erected to varying heights, making them ideal for this jobsite. A single level of ties is placed near the top of the frames, tieing the framework back to the piling system.

MEVA engineers designed a custom tension connector to support the concrete load on the formwork and reinforce the back side of the frame. MEVA also designed custom channel seats to allow for the differential placement of the frames and ties. To give additional on-site support to the project, MEVA provided the jobsite with load gauges to measure the forces at the bottom ties and Triplex braces. This gives added assurance that these components are not overloaded at any position during the concrete pours.

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