MEVA Formwork solutions on Navy Federal Credit Union expansion in Pensacola, Florida

Project: Central Energy Plant with generator room, electrical switch room, chiller plant and a 58,000 ft² maintenance offices complex

MEVA Systems: Circular formwork RadiusMevaLite clamp hand-set system, MEVA Imperial Wall Formwork, shoring system MEP, all-plastic facing alkus

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems Inc., Springfield, OH



MEVA’s formwork engineering solution for the building of the Central Energy Plant

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) is creating 5,000 jobs at its Pensacola campus. This makes the second expansion in two years and the largest in Pensacola thus far. The project includes building two multi-story office buildings that will be home to the 5,000 new positions. Navy Federal Credit is the world’s largest credit union with 257 branches and over 12,000 employees worldwide. It serves Department of Defense and Coast Guard Active Duty, civilian, and contractor personnel and their families.

Central Energy Plant built using the MevaLite and Imperial wall formwork systems for fast wall and column pours
Contractor Hensel Phelps, Atlanta, chose MEVA’s formwork engineering solution for the building of the Central Energy Plant. This included the generator room, the electrical switch room, chiller plant and the 58,000 ft² maintenance offices complex.
Challenges faced and solved involved the stepped footings and starter walls which were poured using MEVA’s hand-set MevaLite system. The 21’ foundation walls and columns were poured using the MevaLite’s heavy-duty sister system, the Imperial, as were the 20+’ walls that required an architectural finish. The 24”x24” and 56”x24” columns required special configurations to form the columns at varying heights.

Special shoring for sloping slabs and beams at great heights
Multiple 10”slabs at a height of 42’ with beams throughout needed intricate and high-performance shoring provided by the shoring system MEP which was set up in towers that were cross-braces for odd sizes, spindles and multiple reshore levels. Reshore requirements included catering for the 2’x2’ edge beams with cantilevers, sloping slabs. The shoring had to be laid out from the top down to allow for proper reshoring for the upper levels since the same legs were used for the lower pours.

The MevaLite clamp hand-set system is designed especially for concrete works where crane support is limited or not available and setting up and stripping is done by hand. The two chamber aluminum hollow profile panel frame is light but rigid has a load capacity of 1,350 psf. The clamp aligns and joins panels with just a few hammer blows. MevaLite is simple to implement efficiently, reducing inventory. Taper ties as well as other common thru rods and she bolts can be used with the system. Welded-in tie-off bars allow for easy handling of the forms and utmost workers safety.

MEVA´s heavy duty wall formwork system “Imperial” has a load capacity of 2,025 psf.
The Imperial system was developed specially for American markets in cooperation between formwork specialists and contractors in the US. It is an innovative clamp system designed in feet and inches (and not just converted). It comes in panel heights of 2’, 4’, 8’ and 12’ and width from 1’ to 8’. The 12´ by 8´panel thus offers an exceptionally economic 96 ft2 forming area for large structures. Engineering details make the Imperial wall formwork system predestined for building in the industrial, energy, water, infrastructure and commercial fields. The result is that in-place costs can be reduced dramatically, ensuring efficient work flow and profitable scheduling.

All MEVA systems come with a unique all-plastic facing and a 7 year long-term warranty
MEVA systems uniquely features an innovative all-plastic facing. It is entirely wood-free, doesn´t swell or shrink, is resistant to water and chemical influences, lasts as long as the frame and provides a superior concrete finish, first time, every time. What´s more, there´s a 7 year long-term warranty on the most important qualities of the facing. This eliminates the need to reface the panels even after hundreds of re-uses, saving time and money in terms of down-times and repair costs. The all-plastic facing is also unique because it can be repaired using the same material.

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