MevaDec: Simple, Speedy Safe for large-scale development

Project: Akoya Villas, Dubai, UAE

Developer: Damac Properties PJSC

Contractor: Trojan General Contracting UC

MEVA systems: Slab formwork MevaDec, Shoring MEP

Formwork Engineering: MEVA KHK Formwork Systems,Dubai, UAE



Simple, Speedy, Safe

MevaDec panels supported directly. With safe edge protection easily achieved.

MevaDec slab formwork helped win the tender on the Akoya by Damac development in Dubai. Luxury residential appartments are being built on 42m square meters of land close to the city’s Golf Club.

MevaDec is the winner thanks to ist fast assembly and safety on the many smaller, but repetitive slab areas that are typical of this type of large-scale development. In this case, the early stripping method brings no benefit in terms of work flow. This is why the panel method proved the most suitable. Thus, the MevaDec panels are directly supported by the props. This means even less inventory, only 2 components and high-speed assembly by hand, without the need for any crane support.

Worker safety easily achieved
Just two simple steps ensure that fall protection is in place all around and the slab formwork is safe for workers to move on it. A guard railing post holder is attached to either a MevaDec panel or a beam. Plug a guard railing post into the holder and slide in safety mesh: Fall protection is set up in a fast, effective and labour-saving manner.

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