Prison complex, Augsburg

Project: Prison complex, Augsburg, Germany

Contractor (and Architects): Ed. Züblin AG, Ulm/Neu-Ulm branch

MEVA Systems: wall formwork StarTex, special steel spindle construction for window boxouts

Formwork Engineering:  MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Haiterbach and Stuttgart branch



Spindle solution for window boxouts saves effort and time

Intelligent Boxouts

It is near the city of Augsburg where Bavaria‘s most modern prison is being built on an area as large as ten football fields. The complex will have over 600 cells. Their windows with special embrasures were the challenge for formwork engineers. 

Creating job-built timber solutions for the window boxouts would have cost much time and been a waste since such a construction was not re-usable. MEVA‘s special construction department developed a steel construction with six vertical and horizonal spindles that proved to be the perfect solution.
The spindles allowed the steel construction to be precisely set to the required boxout size and form. When the concrete had set, the spindles were used to move the construction‘s four side frames away from the concrete to the inside. This way neither the concrete embrasure nor the steel construction were damaged. When in use, the boxout construction was attached to MEVA‘s StarTec formwork that on this site was used for over 2 years to pour the many walls of the complex.

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