Residential complex, Reutlingen

Project: Residential complex Schanzstr., Reutlingen , Germany

Contractor (and Architects): Gottlob Rommel GmbH & Co. KG Bauunternehmung, Stuttgart

Developer: German Postal Service Collective

MEVA Systems: wall formwork Mammut 350 with all-plastic facing alkus

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems Germany

Mehrfamilienhäuser Reutlingenzoom


Top Finish. First Time. Every Time.

The architects of a new residential complex for the Postal Service collective in Germany required a superior concrete finish for the walls that were to remain exposed as is after the pour. In addition, the designers demanded a symmetrical tie-hole and joint imprint and a smooth concrete texture. 

The concrete mixture chosen for the concrete works requires very sparing use of release agent to avoid the unsightly, rough, sandy surface that results from copious use of release agent. The alkus all-plastic facing, standard in the Mammut 350 wall system, is a non-absorbent sheet that requires very little release agent. 

In addition, the system’s standard panel width of 2.50 m allows an optimum forming layout, achieving a harmonious and symmetrical joint pattern. This was applied at all levels, from the basement with heights of 4.00 to 4.60 m all the way to the upper levels with a height of 2. 85 m. The first and second pours used 3 m Mammut panels outside and 2.50 m high panels on the inside without compensation areas and without vertical joint imprint. 

The Mammut 350 is equipped with the all-plastic facing alkus as a system standard. This also applies to MEVA’s rental inventory, ensuring that superior concrete finish is achieved from the start.

All Plastic Facing alkus
MEVA Frame Profile
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