Parking Facility: No Ramps but Slabs
inclined 14 Times

Owner: SALK Salzburger Landeskliniken Betriebsges mbH
Consortium: Arge Parkhaus LKH: PORR Bau GmbH, NL Salzburg. ÖSTU-STETTIN Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH, Graz. 
Architect: Atelier Thomas Pucher, Graz
Planning: Büro Triax, Linz
MEVA Systemd: Slab formwork system MevaDec and MevaFlex, shoring tower MEP
Formwork engineering: MEVA Schalungs-Systeme, Austria



No ramps - 14 slab inclinations and a superior exposed concrete finish achieved with MevaDec slab formwork

The new 11-level car park at Salzburg’s State Hospital has no ramps to connect the levels with each other. The trick is that the entire parking level is inclined in both directions, with 14 inclinations each per level. The MevaDec slab formwork is being used to pour them without crane. The concrete finish remains as is. The MevaDec slab panels are set up and struck by hand. 

Its panel sizes adapt easily to the varying inclinations and different spacings. While the panels rest firmly in the beams, they can still be inclined in both directions. On this job, the maximum inclination is 3.59 %. The 33,000 m² slab area is poured using 1,850 m² ­MevaDec in 750 m² cycles. The connection to the prefab columns and cantilevers require detailed solutions. This was done without any special parts.  

The small intermediate ramps in the centre of the building are poured using 250 m² of the conventional girder slab formwork MevaFlex.  Top concrete finish with even joint pattern and less than 3 % fillers   MevaDec’s geometric flexibility minimizes filler or compensation areas to less than 3 % of the slab area. This also avoids time-consuming job-built fillers, an important requirement for today’s construction sites. 

A smooth concrete finish with an even joint pattern is achieved with the alkus all-plastic facing that is standard in all MevaDec panels and all other MEVA systems.  “MevaDec is the right choice”, says engineer and technical director Erich Hasitzka. “We have to pour large slab areas and are happy to have chosen the MevaDec slab system. We need only a few fillers. That is crucial for the success.“  

Detailed planning, efficient work 

Slabs with so many inclinations as on this project are no a routine job at all. They require detailed formwork planning with precise directions for formwork assembly, all inclinations are repeated many times and any mistake or flaw would be multiplied and affect work each time it is repeated. It was MEVA’s detailed planning and close cooperation with the contractor that make the job a success.  

RentalPlus for safe calculation 

The contractor has concluded the RentalPlus service agreement to be safe from any follow-up costs that may be caused by the inspection, cleaning or repair of the rented formwork. Thus the contractor will not incur any additional costs than calculated at the start.

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All Plastic Facing alkus
MEVA Frame Profile
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