Motorway Tunnel: Formwork Carriage Masters 26 Pours without Refacin

Project: Emergency exits between tunnel tubes of a motorway in the Bavarian Alps

MEVA Systems: special design with H20 beams; all-plastic facing alkus, pre-bent and shaped

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH,
Haiterbach and Munich, Germany



Mobile. Efficient. Fast.

Motorway Tunnel: Formwork Carriage Masters 26 Pours without Refacing

The motorway that runs in a northerly direction from Innsbruck (Austria) crosses part of the Bavarian Alps in a tunnel consisting of two separate tubes, one per driving direction. When renovating the tunnel tubes earlier this year, four new emergency exits connecting the tunnel tubes had to be built to maximize traffic safety. MEVA engineers designed and built a mobile and cost-effective tunnel formwork carriage for the entire concrete job. The carriage was completely pre-assembled at the MEVA plant in Haiterbach and moved to the site on a heavy-duty low platform trailer.

The alkus all-plastic facing: No repair or refacing required
The formwork carriage is 5 m long, 3.30 m wide and over 3 m high. Its special features are the removable formwork and facing parts on the top and on both sides of the carriage. These parts can be removed when transporting the carriage. The lateral parts can be folded to the inside of the carriage and thus away from the poured tunnel walls before rolling the carriage to the next cycle inside the tunnel.

An alkus facing sheet, 6 mm thick, was pre-bent and mounted on top of a plywood substructure, 9 mm thick. This, in turn was mounted on standard H20 girders. The alkus facing ideally meets the site’s demand for a non-absorbant facing that would last through 26 pours without any loss in stability and quality. Also, there were to be no disruptions in work flow due to costly re-facing. Concrete is poured through six nozzles.
Identical spacing of all nozzles ensures an even and consistent pour. When in a fixed position for pouring, spindles are lowered to the tunnel bottom to keep the carriage in a firm position and the walers on the top of the carriage are firmly attached with diagonal ties to anchors that were previously cast in the tunnel bottom.

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