New Jumeirah Village Circle complex being built with MEVA solutions

Project: Multi-storey residential development in Jumeirah Village Circle, United Arab Emirates

Developer: Nakheel PJSC, Dubai, UAE

Contractor: Gulf Technical Construction Co. LLC, Dubai, VAE

MEVA Systems: Wall formwork Mammut 350, Slab formwork system MevaDec, All-plastic facing alkus, Special formwork designs for circular columns 

Engineering and support: MEVA KHK Formwork Systems, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Large-Scale Residential Construction

Jumeirah Village Circle in Dubai is the scene of several large-scale residential developments catering to the influx of inhabitants and a growing need for housing in the metropolis. Several multi-storey complexes with up to 1,000 units are being erected.

Typical for residential projects is the demand for the best possible efficiency and speed. Since slabs constitute the largest part of concrete works in terms of area, Gulf Technical Construction Co. looked at the formwork methods very closely. The MevaDec slab system proved best in class in terms of cost, speed, efficiency and quality. These advantages come from flexibility with minimised compensation areas, easy adaptation to building layouts, reduced inventory through the early stripping method and quick cycles without crane. Safety and ease of assembly with zero error (the prop positions are defined by the system) allow for easy planning, logistics and work flow, saving time and money.

MEVA KHK provides full-service engineering and complete supply of formwork to the site from its logistics centre in Dubai.

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    MEVA Expertise & References

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