Prop-beam connection without drop head

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In some cases, e.g. intermediate support, cantilevering primary beams or location at walls the primary beam (1) cannot be directly supported by the drop head and the MD prop connector is required for a stable prop-to-beam connection. The MD prop connector is attached to the steel prop (3) and to the primary beam with its hammerhead screw (2). The MD prop connector is provided with an eye to attach a tensioning chain for anchoring the slab formwork to the ground, e.g. at slab edges.




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Note that each building project will vary in terms of the number of parts needed. If you need assistance in planning the pour, please consult with us via the contact form.

  • MD panel

    The panel frames are made up of closed 2-chamber aluminium profiles and torsion-proof. Thanks to their high-quality annealed... 

  • MD primary beam

    Aluminium with high-quality annealed powder coating. Primary beams and MD drop heads are the load-bearing system of MevaDec.... 

  • MD secondary beam

    Aluminium profile with plastic nailing strips on top and at the bottom. Can be used in 2 ways: a) If used with the... 

  • MD drop head

    Galvanized, partly with high-quality annealed powder coating. A safety latch prevents disengagement. The MD drop head... 

  • MD prop head

    Galvanized, with high-quality annealed powder coating. Supports the MD panels and secures them automatically against... 

  • MD assembly lock

    Galvanized. Tightly connects MD panels to each other and clamps MD compensation beams to MD panels. Clamping length 4,4 cm. 

  • MD prop connector

    Galvanized. Permits support of primary beams where no drop head can be used, e.g. for intermediate support, at walls and... 

  • MD safety claw

    Galvanized. Clamps planks to the bottom of primary beams. When using MEP props, the safety claw can be used to attach a... 

  • MD assembly stick 340

    Galvanized. Eases the assembly when applying the panel method. The panels are simply swung up and temporarily supported by... 

  • MD dismantling auxiliary

    Galvanized. Eases stripping of primary beams if these stick to the slab due to an increased concrete adhesion or inclined... 

  • Cleaning scraper

    Galvanized. With chisel. Is used to clean the groove of the MD primary beam.  

  • Spare blade for cleaning scraper

    Spare part. Replaces the used blade of the cleaning scraper. 

  • MD cover profile 10

    Plastic cover. Closes the gap between two MD panels when applying the drop-head-beam-panel method (FTE). Length 1,50 m. 

  • MD laser support

    Aluminium. Is attached to the groove of the primary beam and allows one person to level the slab formwork. 

  • Transport angle 14

    Is used to stack and transport 5 to 12 MD panels. Distance between holes is 14 cm. We recommend using 2 foldable angles and... 

  • Swivel-type castor 100

    Is used to move MD panel stacks in transport angles 14 or in the MD transport rack (4 castors are required in either case).... 

  • MD transport rack

    Galvanized. Is used to stack and transport up to 14 panels 160 x 80 cm. Two transport racks can be stacked... 

  • Shuttering panel 3S

    Three-layer plywood forming face, 21 mm thick, with resistant coating on both sides. Good pore structure of the concrete due... 

  • Shuttering panel 7S

    Not shown. Multi-layer plywood forming face, 21 mm thick, with film-coating on both sides and edge protection. 

  • Tension belt

    Not shown. For safety against wind load. 50 mm wide, reinforced loop 200 mm, cranked snap hook with safety flap, DIN EN... 

  • Tension belt clamp H20

    Galvanized. Is attached to two wooden girders H20. With eyes to attach the tension belt. 

  • Wax

    Not shown. Eases formwork cleaning and is applied to the formwork parts not in contact with the concrete, e.g. panel frames.... 

  • MevaTrenn classic

    Universal release agent that can be applied to all types of facing. Usable for civil engineering and building projects as... 

  • MevaTrenn pro

    Not shown. Suited for absorbent and non-absorbent forming faces.Solvent-based. Evaporates when applied, leaving avery thin... 

  • Sprayer

    Not shown. To allow for an even and sparing spraying of the forming surface, suited for (5 litre) MevaTrenn and wax. 

  • Complete alkus-repair set

    A complete set for the repair of alkus facing. All items can also be ordered separately. 

  • EuMax 30

    Galvanized. According to European Standard EN 1065, class E. Admissible load capacity 30 kN. Higher load capacities are... 

  • MEP prop with SAS

    Combination of steel inner tube and aluminium outer tube with T-groove to attach reinforcing frames. The SAS quick lowering... 

  • EuMax 20

    Galvanized. According to the European Standard EN 1065 class D the admissible load capacity is 20 kN at any extension.... 

  • Forked prop head

    Galvanized. The forked prop head can be used as a support instead of a drop head at the beginning or end of a primary beam... 

  • Pin

    Galvanized. Is used to attach MD drop heads, MD prop heads of forked prop heads, etc. Pin 14/90 is used for steel tube props... 

  • Tripod

    Galvanized auxiliary to stabilize props with Ø 48 to 80 mm. The turnable legs allow the tripod to be used in rooms, along... 

  • Accessories for attachment

    Are used to attach MD drop heads and MD prop heads to the MD/ME props.  

  • Formwork girder H20

    Robust multi-purpose girder for the most different tasks. While the girder itself does not weigh much, it has a high... 

  • Connector Clip H20

    Galvanized. Is used to connect wooden H20 girders to each other. The wedge locks the girdes into place and releases them. 

Worker protection is mandatory by law from a working height of 2 m. The working platform must be equippped with fall protection on all four sides.

MEVA safety systems offer you a flexible answer to safety requirements, compiled individiually to meet your project needs. Refer to the safety systems page and consult with us on the most effective and cost-efficient solution. 

  • Guard-railing post

    Galvanized. Is plugged into the MD support for panel or beam. 

  • Guard-railing post 48

    Galvanized. With manifold to be plugged into the walkway bracket and with 48 mm Ø tube to attach scaffold couplers.  

  • MD support for guard-railing post / panel

    Galvanized. Permits attachment of a guard-railing post at the MD panels and is used to form a stop end at the edge of the... 

  • MD support for guard-railing post / beam

    Galvanized. Permits attachment of a guard-railing post at primary and secondary beams and is used to form a stop end at the... 

  • Railing clamp

    Coated. Is used as side railing at the slab edge and can be clamped to all kinds of beams or concrete slabs. Railing clamp... 

  • Scaffold tube

    Galvanized. Is used as hand-rail / mid-rail in combination with guard-railing post 48. 

  • Swivel-joint coupler 48/48

    Galvanized. Connects 2 scaffold tubes with Ø 48,3 mm at any angle required. 

  • Safety mesh

    Steel, painted. Sturdy steel mesh with reinforced edges and closed steel sheet to prevent small items from falling down. The... 

  • Safety mesh extension

    Steel, painted. Height extension for safety mesh MFS. 500 kg impact protection. Meets the requirements as defined by... 

  • Safety mesh corner hinge

    Steel, galvanized. Connects safety meshes MFS at angles from 76° to 284°. Can be attached anywhere at the safety mesh. 

  • Stop-end rail MFS

    Steel, galvanized. Is used to form slab ends for slabs up to 60 cm thick. 

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