Production Hall in Gnötzheim, Germany:
Speeding up Work Flow by 2 Weeks

Project: Production and storage hall for agricultural products with 8 tall silos

Contractor: Nagler Hochund Tiefbau GmbH, Martinsheim.

MEVA Systeme: Wall formwork Mammut 350, fresh concrete pressure and pour speed calculator MEVA Calc

Formwork engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Stuttgart



Clever engineering and RentalPlus flat saves 2 weeks

First rental project with MEVA - contractor convinced of service and engineering

SLP Schwäbische Landprodukte GmbH in Donauwörth in southern Germany is market leader in the production and supply of spelt. The production and storage facilities in Gnötzheim are being re-built with new halls and 8 tall silos. 

Norbert Nagler is contractor in the fifth generation and a specialist on tight schedules and high-quality turnkey projects. Once the tender was signed, a formwork partner needed to be found who was able to answer high quality and scheduling demands. 

„It was our first rental project with MEVA and I must say it worked very well. The engineering was spot-on, the plans were on the table very quickly and we managed to reduce concrete works from six to four weeks. That was a big help. Instruction on site was excellent and the solution with just one extension, using the large Mammut 350 panels proved perfect."

The walls, 6.50 m high and 12 m long, were poured using Mammut 350 wall panels (3 and 3.50 m) ganged just once. "Few ties, quick and simple attachment of all parts - working with the formwork proved easy, safe and fast.“, says supervisor Helmar Wiehl.

During the concrete pour, Helmar Wiehl used his smartphone to use the MEVA Calc app to calculate concrete pressure and pour speed. It enabled him to utilise the formwork's high concrete load capacity of 100 kN/M² fully and safely. 

Contractor Nagler opted for the rental service flat RentalPlus. It covers all after-the-job costs like an insurance policy and reduced rental time, because the formwork inventory can be returned directly after the pour, without any sorting or cleaning effort on site. All cleaning and repair costs on the formwork are covered by the flat rate. 

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